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Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves

Distributed from the Southeast

Close to Home

Courtyard of  Hospital

Medical Grade
Nitrile Gloves

Distribution sites in Florida and Alabama

SafeGage has a Letter of Intent to purchase an operating glove production plant in the Southeast US

Safegage also has a new production plant on the drawing board  to be located in Central Florida.  This plant will create a large number of local jobs and has the added benefit of state support



If you manage acquisitions in a private or Public Health Organization, you already understand the just-in-time concept that is associated with the manufacturing source closer to your consumers.
We can help you plan your stock management and acquisition process.

Product that comes from a professional, lean operation. Cost savings passed on to you.

We will manufacture gloves and nothing else. This allows us to reinvest in continuous development and innovation.
Our 100 count boxes have been designed to hold this indispensable protection equipment with the highest quality standards.

A Box of Pure

Fighting contaminations one glove at a time.


Our Medical Providers and
First Responders deserve the
Best Protection

SafeGAGE America Manufacturing is investing in the latest technology to manufacture Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves in the United States of America. Our commitment to quality and service is born in the concept that the US should recover full independence in Personal Protection Equipment access. We manufacture at home. Your organization and your workers will never suffer shortages originated from sourcing your gloves from around the globe.

Made in the USA

A safe and clean manufacturing environment in the heart of America. We follow the strictest standards of quality control, professional operations and fair working conditions for our people.

We Stand Behind Our Brand

Our Quality Assurance Team and the use of the strictest processes in engineering and automation, has established a new standard in Nitrile Glove manufacturing. You can trust us with the guarantee of a long term commitment to be your supplier for years to come.

Research & Development

In SafeGAGE America Manufacturing, we believe that technology is a means to an end. Our engineering team has been tasked to bring continued quality assurance through product and raw material innovations. Your organization and end-users will benefit from our attention to detail; and your bottom line will benefit from a competitively priced product.

Young Doctor

Approaching our sales and product development as a service oriented relationship with the procurement services branch of major medical organizations in the United States of America.



Large Health Organizations with multiple sites may choose to contract our warehousing services. We manufacture, warehouse and deliver to your satisfaction just-in-time.


A sensible programmed manufacturing relationship with our Customers eliminates bloating in Stock Management. Talk to our sales team and you will find a tailor made solution for your organization.


We measure success through the delivery of a consistently great quality product, helping our customers to eliminate procurement bottlenecks and knowing that we are protecting health workers, first responders, and patients nationwide.

2 Million

Potential for 2,000,000 gloves manufactured per day capacity


175+ jobs created reclaimed for America


24/7 operation. We never stop manufacturing for you.


Maximum hours to deliver to 65% of consumers in 

mainland USA


Our Leadership

Our Company's experienced Management Team brings a set of solutions and professional experinece to make the SafeGage manufacturing dream come true. Our MT experince covers Gloves Manfucturing, Industrial Operations, Finance, Business Development, Construction, Banking and Marketing and Distribution


Jay Gefaell



James Ellis


Bill Fylstra_edited_edited.jpg

Bill Fylstra



Contact Us

Send us your contact information if you need to receive more information about SafeGage America Manufacturing; we will be glad to send your requested info.

If you are a Procurement Official from a Health Management Organization, Hospital, State or Federal authority, please send us a Text Message to: (540) 960-9400

Thanks for Contacting SafeGAGE!

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